About Dr. Nicole Sazgar


For Dr. Nicole Sazgar, practicing dentistry is personal.

She takes the time to get to know the person behind the teeth, as she truly cares about your total health. She enjoys all phases of dentistry, and often provides dental care for entire families. Families, who fondly call her, ‘Our Dr. ‘ because of her calming demeanor - and warm touch.

Over the past decade of practicing general dentistry in the greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Sazgar’s response to her patients oral health needs has evolved. Today, as one of the leading Southern California dentists, she integrates a holistic and biological approach to the treatment of teeth and gums. Believing in the strong correlation between overall wellness and oral health, she chooses biological and non toxic dental materials, which are metal free and mercury safe. She practices Biomimetic dentistry with a very conservative approach to save the tooth structure and mimic the nature of the tooth in her treatments.

Dr. Sazgar, is an award-winning dentist - who earned her DDS degree from the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry in 2005 with exceptional performance records (EPRs). "I have been privileged with the opportunity of learning from the world's most renowned educators in dentistry" she says. She is currently a part time faculty at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry.

She is an exhaustive researcher, constantly updating her knowledge of dentistry. Her passion for biological dentistry is the reason why she constantly attends conferences nationwide and worldwide, many cross Atlantic in Europe. Attending conferences at nationally and internationally well recognized and reputable dental organizations such as Swiss BioHealth and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) are only part of her continuing education activities. Dr. Sazgar is a SMART Certified member of the IAOMT. Staying abreast of the latest technological advances enables her to share with her patients solutions to their dental challenges, and how they can practice prevention rather than treatment whenever possible. “Dentistry has been my passion since childhood,” reveals Dr. Sazgar. “It is very gratifying that I can help people improve their health.”

Her reputation for delivering extraordinary work, dedication to excellence and superior level of care, attract her dental associates, colleagues and staff members to trust her with their own personal dental needs.

Whether she is speaking English, Spanish, German or the two other languages she is fluent in--French and Farsi, she is able to convey information to her patients in easy and understandable terms.

Dr. Sazgar's philanthropic involvements include dedicating her time to providing services to low income families. She teaches children how to brush and floss their teeth properly, so they can develop good oral hygiene habits. She is a frequent participant in community health fairs, as another way of giving back to the community.

Skiing, swimming, hiking, weight training, yoga, pilates, meditation and dancing tango Argentine are the activities she enjoys. Her food choices are low in carbohydrates and include proteins and the good fats. She lives by her mantra, “HEALTHY MOUTH, HEALTHY BODY.”

Feel free to contact our office to make an appointment with Dr. Sazgar. (213)484-2625