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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions. If you don't see the question and answer here please feel free to contact us.

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What insurance do you accept?

We are not a preferred provider for any insurance company. This means we are an out of network dentist. If you have a PPO insurance and you are able to choose your dentist we can help you by submitting the dental claim.  

The way we do insurance here is a little different.  We have all patients pay for the treatment at the time of the appointment, as a courtesy we will submit the insurance claim and your insurance company will reimburse you. 

Do you take out Silver/Amalgam/Mercury Fillings?

Yes, Dr. Yokoyama has been doing amalgam removal for over 25 years. He is SMART certified (for more information check out Our Holistic Philosophy page). We follow the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology protocol. When we refill the cavity we use Porcelain or Ceramic material, both are tooth colored.

Do you use Ozone Therapy?

Yes. We use straight ozone gas and ozonated water. Most of our work we use the ozonated water. Ozonated water is very good at killing the aerobic bacteria. 

Do you use fluoride at your office?

No. We do not use fluoride for our teeth cleanings or any of the dental work. We are a fluoride free dental office.

Do you put any metals in the mouth?

No. We do not put any metals in your mouth. From our metal free implants to our composite and porcelain materials we use the most biocompatible materials available. We are a metal free dental office.

Can you use anesthesia without epinephrine?

Yes. We have anesthesia without epinephrine (epi) that we can use to numb the area.

Can you use latex free gloves?

Yes. We have gloves that are latex free. We have nitrile gloves for patients what are allergic to latex or with latex sensitivities.

Do you use a blood test to test for materials sensitivities?

Yes. We use the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test. This is a blood test that will asses the patients reactivity to dental restorative products. This is an optional test.

What is the office cancellation policy?

We ask for your consideration and cooperation in scheduling your appointments.

Please understand that we are partners in your health care and we are committed to offering you appropriate care when you need it. We do recognize that situations arise that are out of your control; however it is imperative that you contact our office immediately to notify us of your cancellation in a timely manner.

We reserve the right to charge for appointments cancelled or broken without 48 business hours advanced notice. Weekends and holidays do not count.

If there is a cancellation within the 48 hours there is a $75 fee.

If the appointment is two hours we require a deposit of ½ of the procedure when scheduling the appointment. The deposit will go toward your treatment. If you cancel within 48 hours of the appointment you will lose the deposit and will need to put another deposit down to schedule.

Please refer to the below if you have any questions.

For Monday appointments please call on Thursday the week prior,

for Tuesday appointments please call on Friday before 12 noon the week prior,

for Wednesday appointments please call on Monday,

for Thursday appointments please call on Tuesday,

for Friday appointments please call on Wednesday.